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“Mr. Deep Positivity” James McBride, the Healthy Ambassador, has been touring the country as the Positive Rap Educator since 2002! 


He is an award winning:

  • Positive Rapper

  • Producer

  • Performer 

  • Motivational Speaker

  • TV Show Host

  • Instructor

  • Author


Mr. Deep Positivity has written over 1000 positive songs and performed for thousands of students each year.  His mission is to create a better world by inspiring an army of youth to follow and model his positive example.

Hey Kids here's what's on my website for you!

  • Over 200 song samples in the Music section

  • Downloadable songs or whole albums are for sale

  • Free Music Videos

  • Free Songs to listen to in the music player

  • Photos of MDP and his Live Shows

  • Email MDP directly\

Parents and teachers check out these features! 

  • Downloadable songs your kids will love for only $1.00 each

  • Whole albums for only $10 each

  • Each album has over 20 songs

  • MDP's amazing references and achievements 

  • The wide variety of services he offers

  • Experience MDP's Live Shows through pictures and videos

  • View his latest news and updates

  • Email MDP directly for booking and questions

Mr. Deep Positivity's Videos

Check out some free songs from MDP - click below

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