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The Story Behind the Songs...

The Story Behind The Songs 

“Deep Lessons For Life”



The Big Brother Song - Written for the Big Brothers of RI to inspire adult males to volunteer and become a big brother to a fatherless boy.


If you’ve ever seen my live performances in the past you’ve probably seen me performing this song.  Back in the early years as MDP, I performed this song more than any other song I had written and it was the favorite song of many children.  In my interview with Val Sinesi, executive director of Big Brothers of RI, Val asked me what do I do?  I told Val I was working with the developmentally disabled (At that time) and that I’m also a positive rapper and producer.  Val asked me to write a song for Big Brothers.  I was so inspired by Val and the mission of Big Brothers of RI, which was to match up a fatherless boy with an adult male volunteer that I wrote and recorded the song that night and I gave it back to Val the next day on a CD.  Val said the song captures exactly what the Big Brothers are all about and asked me to perform it a week later at a press conference in which Senator Patrick Kennedy attended.  Since that day I started traveling with the Big Brothers of RI to schools, community centers and of coarse Big Brother events, including their annual walkathon, Christmas Party and Humanitarian award dinner. I used the song to inspire adult males to become a big brother so that fatherless children could get a big brother role model who could positively change their life.  I grew up fatherless and that’s why the song was so easy to write.  It was wrote, recorded and put on a CD in less than two hours.  The Big Brother song has been the catalyst that has launched my career.  I went on tour with the Big Brothers of RI for 8 consecutive years and Big Brothers of RI helped me become a local celebrity in RI as well as inspiring over 300 positive songs that I’ve written.  I hope this song inspires others to, “be a big brother like me and form a born that’s for eternity.”


Role Model - Poem dedicated to all the role models of the world! 


This poem was written for someone who has been a true role model in my life.  Someone whose guidance, countenance and leadership have been powerful examples of how I should to be.  I wrote this poem for Val Sinesi, executive director of the Big Brothers of RI, who has been like a Big Brother, manager and friend to me.  Listening to his passion for the Big Brother cause and watching his tireless commitment to helping fatherless boys has been so inspirational to me!  He truly cares and shows how he feels by his work ethic, dedication and determination!  He has told me to write many songs and listens to every word I rap to make sure my messages are totally positive and not misunderstood.  A lot of my songs are just a reflection of the wisdom that Val has shown me and I’m truly thankful to Val and all the Big Brothers who support my mission.  This poem is on the album as a special thank you to Val and I hope it inspires others to become role models and lead by their example and by their words like Val does.  Val passed away a few years ago but I am still dedicated to sharing is wisdom, passion and love through music and my life.  I hope to be the kind of role model he was who not only tells you right from wrong but who shares his time to guide you as well.  Thank you Val for all you’ve done for me.  You are truly missed!


Stay in School - Powerful song written to inspire youth to stay in school, top their best and follow their dreams!


This was a song that Val requested me to write because he sees the importance of education and how much of an impact it makes in a child’s life!  He said it’s almost impossible to get anywhere in life if you don’t have your education.  While writing this song I tried to tell children what school is really all about and how they can use school to help them follow their dreams.  In the last verse I name many of the things they could do with their education so they can know some of the many opportunities that they have in life!  In my concerts I always tell students to think right now about what they want to do in the future and to learn about what they might want to do (And practice it if possible) by going to the library and reading about it.  I also stress the importance of going to college and acquiring more knowledge.  I get the students to chant and remember, “Stay in School!  Don’t be no fool!”


Don’t You Bully Me - Empowering song that tells listeners how to handle Bullying appropriately.


This song is probably requested the most by the schools I visit.   Many have told me that Bullying is a major problem in their schools every year.  This song is one of my favorites because I was Bullied a lot growing up in the inner city of Providence in the Roger Williams Housing Projects.  I was over weight, an only child, and was on welfare for many years living only with my mom.  I had old hand me down clothes or the cheapest clothes my mom could afford and I made an easy target for Bullies.  I stress that you have to tell someone and not fight the Bully.  If you fight the Bully you could get hurt, hurt them, get in trouble and make an enemy for life.  If you tell the right person like a grown up, parent or teacher they can help you and get the Bully to stop bothering you.  Remember it’s against the Law for someone to hit you, rob you or threaten you and if you don’t speak up the Bullies will keep bothering you because they can get away with it.  Stand up for yourself and your friends in a positive way and get help!  Remember, “Don’t you bully me!  Don’t you hit on me!  Don’t you pick on me!  I’ll tell somebody!” 


My Dream - Poem about Mr. Deep Positivity's dream for our world.

Simply stated this poem is my dream, where all people love, respect and help each other.  I hope my efforts as Mr. Deep Positivity can inspire my dream to be a reality in the future!


USA - Patriotic song written to create unity and pride in our great Nation!


I wrote this song after September 11, 2002 when the terrorist brought down the twin towers and attacked our country.  I wanted this song to capture the unity that followed those tragic events and for this song to be an anthem that’s sung together to remember those brave soldiers that fight to defend our liberty, freedom, justice and peace.  We live in a country that is truly a melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities, races and peoples.  This song reminds us to be unified despite our differences because we all have the same opportunities here.  I also included a brief history of our country and usually end my concerts with this song that gets everyone chanting, USA, USA, USA, USA!!!  This song always gets the students pumped up and sometimes it’s so loud I can’t even hear the music.  Remember that in this country you can be what you want to be if you obey the law, don’t give up and follow your dreams and that’s why you should be proud to be an American! 


How to Be - A motivational positive behavior song that teaches youth proper conduct.  


In the early years of my concerts I would always ask students what positive songs I should write.  An intelligent little 3rd grade girl said, “Mr. Deep Positivity, can you please write a song teaching children how to behave?”  She is the reason I wrote this song because she was absolutely right!  Every child needs to be taught how to behave, how to be smart, how to be safe and how to be good!  This is one of my favorite songs and my wife Michelle is the one who is singing the introduction of this song!  I hope this song reminds us all, “How To Be!”


Peer Pressure  - A life saving song that empowers listeners to never give into negative peer pressure.


One day I was watching the news here in RI and I heard an awful story.  Some children were walking down some train tracks in Attleboro, Ma.  They arrived at a large ladder and some of the kids dared 1one of their friends to climb up the ladder.  The child ended up climbing the ladder, touched an electrical wire, got electrocuted, fell to ground and died.  I realized that it was because of peer pressure that he lost his life. This made me think about all the times that I was peer pressured into doing things as a child and how peer pressure can get people into trouble, addicted to drugs, hurt or even killed.  I decided to write the peer pressure song to empower listeners to, “Never, Ever Give In To Peer Pressure!”  A parent whose child owns my Deep Lessons For Life CD wrote me a compelling testimony of the power of this song.  She said her daughter loves that song and would sing it all the time.  One day her friends tried to pressure her into trying a drag of a cigarette.  She told her mom that at that moment she remember the words, “Never, ever give in to peer pressure!”  And to just, “Say no when you know better!”   She didn’t give in to the peer pressure and walked away!  Use the power of saying, ”NO!” to keep you from danger and always on a positive track.


Choices - An enlightening song that stresses the importance of making wise choices.

This was another song that Val requested me to write.  As I began to think about writing this song I realized that for everything in life there’s a choice you have to make.  I realized that every choice has a consequence (good or bad) and that without good guidance from parents, teachers and the role models they look up to, many children are making bad choices which will affect their lives negatively.  If parents and teachers listen to this song with their youth it brings up a lot of important topics and lessons that should be discussed and reinforced.  This song is a very powerful teaching tool!


Buckle Up - A song designed to lead listeners to the practice of faithfully wearing a seatbelt.  


When I first got my driving license I never used to buckle up.  I always thought that the seat belt would make me break my back if I had a car accident so I never used one.  One day my two best friends were driving back to URI and leaving a party we were all at.  On the way home the driver of the car fell asleep and the car veered off the road and hit several trees.  The car was found in two pieces and both of my friends survived (although both were in critical condition) because they were wearing their seat belts.  A few years later after children at my church begged us to wear our seat belts and my girlfriend (wife now) kept reminding me to wear my seat belt I was involved in a very serious car accident, which nearly took my life.  If it weren’t for the seat belt I wouldn’t be here today and I’m hoping that all listeners of this song learn to, “Always Buckle Up!”


No Smoking - An impactful song that stresses the dangers of cigarette smoking.


I never smoked cigarettes but my mom used to smoke in our apartment everyday.  I would always tell her, “Mom you’re killing me!”  I’m highly allergic to cigarette smoke and I thank God my mom quit smoking while I was still young because I used to suffer with burning eyes, an itchy nose, coughing and a scratchy throat.  One of the individuals I used to work for at the Cranston Arc told me he was smoking since he was 7 years old.  He’s now 54 and has lost over 50% of his lung capacity.  Every time he takes a few steps he feels like he’s out of breathe and his condition got so bad that he had to be moved to a nursing home where he could be better attended to.  Don’t smoke and always remember to… “Say no to a cigarette!”


Don’t Do Drugs - A powerful song designed to teach youth the dangers of drug and inspire them to never try them.


Although my father wasn’t around long he was a role model to me.  You see he became hooked on drugs when I was around 7 years old and has been addicted to drugs ever since.  He’s been living on the streets in California and the only time anyone hears from him is when he’s locked up for sleeping in abandoned buildings.  As soon as he’s released he goes right back to doing drugs and living on the streets.  I learned from him that, “You don’t want to be a loser!  So don’t be a drug abuser!”  My father passed away a few years ago and was found dead on the streets from drug overdose.  He was addicted to drugs for over 30 years!  Learn from my dad and never do drugs!


You Need to Read - A powerful song to inspire youth to learn to and practice reading.


This was a song that Val also requested me to write.  While I worked at the Valley Community School, which is a school for problematic children, I realized many students couldn’t read although they were supposed to be in the 9th or 10th grade.  As I started to write this song I realized the importance of reading, literacy, and just how many things there are in life to read.  I always tell students that it will be nearly impossible to follow your dreams if you don’t know how to read and don’t get a good education.


You Are Somebody - A positive self esteem song written to encourage listeners that they are valuable and important.


This was a song that Val requested me to write because he noticed many children have a low self esteem.  Maybe they’ve been picked on, come from poverty or just hate the person the see in the mirror.  I always try to stress to children that they are important and it’s not your clothes, the house you live in, the way you look or the things you have that make you important!  It’s just you!!!  Be proud of the fact that you exist and don’t let anybody tell you that you don’t matter because that’s a lie!  Everyone is unique, special and has worth!  Believe in yourself and keep your chin up because to me everybody is beautiful and has something to offer the World! 


Raise Your Kids - A song that highlights the importance of properly raising children. It equips listeners with the right wisdom to successfully raise a child.


I wrote this song while holding and feeding my son who was around 7 months old.  I said to myself as he drank from his bottle, what would I want to tell him in a song if anything ever happened to me?  The answer I got was to raise your kids and encourage them to be the best they can be.  Although I wrote this song for parents to have the proper parenting skills I’m also subliminally speaking to children with the lessons I’m giving to parents.  If every parent would invest their time, love, wisdom and energy into raising their children properly and set them a good example by their own life and actions I know that are neighborhoods would be safer and children’s futures would be brighter!


Love, Honor, Respect - This anti-domestic violence song encourages listeners to love, honor and respect those they're with.


I wrote this song for the Women Center of RI and for anyone who is being abused or is an abuser.  We’re to, “love, honor, respect and cherish who we’re with and never forget, don’t ever hurt a person when upset!”  I especially express the importance of getting help and getting away from an abusive person and to never resort to violence that is physical or mental!  If everyone loved, honored and respected one another our World would be a better place!


Neighborhood Pride - A powerful song to inspire people to take pride in their community and make it nice.


I wrote this song initially for the Elmwood foundation, which helps people to get low-income housing and also to purchase their own homes.  I always wondered why some neighborhoods were so clean, peaceful and beautiful and others were so dirty, littered and chaotic?  My answer was that some people take pride in their neighborhood and unify together to make sure it stays nice.  If every person in every neighborhood would take time, unite and make sure their neighbor was maintained properly I believe there wouldn’t be one, “bad” neighborhood anywhere!


Family - This song stresses the importance of family and is dedicated to all the families of the world.

This song was a collection of three poems that I wrote to my family for the holidays.  Verse one was for my mom, verse two was for my grandmother and the last verse was for my entire family.  I typed out these poems and put them into picture frames and gave them to my family for Christmas several years ago.  I had intended to give them the recorded song for Christmas but didn’t have enough time to record it.  I recognize that without the love of my mom, grandma and the rest of my family, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.  Each one shaped and molded me in their own special way and most importantly showed me that they love me and support me!


Don’t Drink & Drive - This song highlights the dangers of drinking and driving and motives people to never drink and drive.


I wrote this song hoping to help MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and support their message of, “Don’t Drink and Drive!”  I lost a good friend when the car he was a passenger in crashed into a brick wall killing all five people in the car.  Too many people lose their lives because they choose to drink and drive and so many people I know have lost loved ones because someone was intoxicated and decided to drive drunk.  It clearly states on the alcohol bottle that, “drinking impairs your ability to drive or use machinery!”  Unfortunately many people ignore this warning and drive drunk anyway causing senseless loss of life!  I hope this song will prevent future drivers from making the same mistakes!


I Can See - Written to highlight the importance of glasses and clear vision.


This was another song that Val requested me to write for the optometric society in honor of Dr. DiCichiara who was the Humanitarian of the Year 2005 for the Big Brothers of RI.  This song made me remember how much of an impact getting glasses made on my life and how much I couldn’t see when I didn’t have my glasses.


Library - This song inspires listeners to utilize the library and show many of the amazing things you can do there.


I wrote this song to teach children about all the wonderful things you can do for free at the library.  I called the Providence main library branch and asked them for the information for this song.  I was astounded by all the things that could be done there beyond just getting books.  I always stress for everyone to go to the library and learn because knowledge is power.


Tired Thoughts - Poem that shows how bad thought can negatively impact someone's life.


This is a poem that I wrote to tell people how stressful thoughts that can make you depressed and upset.  I try to write music that will lead you away from getting tired thoughts.  This poem is an introduction to the next song.


Put Your Head Up - Inspirational song to help those who go through tough times to make it through.


I wrote this song to remind everyone to put their head up when they’re down and that things get better over time.  I wanted to encourage people that they’re going to be alright.  Remember that a little love makes things better and that time heals all wounds.  Put your head up and follow your dreams!

Mr.  Deep Positivity's 1st hit CD.  It features 24 powerful, educational songs written on a wide variety of topics to lead youth to success in life by teaching them the right wisdom.  This CD was sponsored several times and give out free to over 4000 students in Rhode Island because it is an excellent teaching tool.  

23 inspirational, educational songs written for the little ones to get them on a positive track in life.  This CD was sponsored several times and give out free to over 1000 students in Rhode Island because it is an excellent teaching tool.  Many elementary school teachers use these powerful songs in their classrooms!

The Story Behind the Songs 

"Children’s Lessons for Life" 


50 Rules - 50 positive rules children and adults should follow. 


One day while taking a plane back to Rhode Island I was sitting next to some children and I told them I was a positive rapper named, Mr. Deep Positivity.  One of the children told me I should write a song called the counting rules.  I said, what do you mean?”.  He said, “You know 1. Do this and 2. Do that and try to go as high as you can.”  I said, “That was a great idea!” and that’s how this song came about.  In order to make this song even more fun I asked my good friend Sam to do a beatbox while I rapped the 50 rules. These are rules everyone should follow!


Alphabet Song - Teaches children the alphabet and words that start with each letter. 


Believe it or not this is one of the hardest songs I’ve ever written.  The reason why is because in the 1st verse I had to make every word rhyme while naming them in alphabetical order.  The 2nd verse was even harder to write because every word that is spoken is in alphabetical order from A-Z and then from Z-A plus they all had to rhyme.  I wrote this song to help children remember the alphabet using rap instead of the traditional way of singing the alphabet to give it a modern feel.  This song is a great way to help students memorize the alphabet and help them identify words that rhyme with each letter of the alphabet as well. 


Rules 4 Kids - Daily rules children need to follow to take care of themselves and be successful and obedient.  


This song is written to get kids to follow the rules and take care of themselves.  Written from a parents perspective it is intended to get my child to behave, be smart and be save and follow the rules I set.  I added some funny lines to make learning the rules fun and also to inspire children to keep themselves on track.  My hope is parents and teachers use this song as positive reinforcement for the rules they set for their children. 


Have Fun - A fun song to show different ways we have fun in life.  


We all know that all work and no fun is no way to live.  This song was written to get listeners to go and enjoy life because we only get one life to live.  There is definitely a time for work but we must have balance and always make time for fun!


Copy Me - A fun game that gets everyone dancing and copying what I’m rapping about.  


This hit song is compatible to the Cha-Cha Slide and Electric Slide and gets everyone up and dancing while copying me.  It is my favorite way to end a concert because we all get to have fun together and it shows how when we work together and follow the rules we can all have fun.


Feels Good - Shows children how it feels good to do good. 


I’ve taught thousands of students the lesson of Karma… That what you do comes back to you.  If you do bad things, bad things will happen but if you do good things, good things will happen.  One of the best rewards of doing good things is that it makes you feel good.  If you want to stop feeling bad then start doing good things!


Listen to Me - Stresses the importance of children to listen to their parents and teachers.  


This is one of my all-time favorite songs because I’ve used it countless times when my son wouldn’t listen to me and follow my directions.  At family events I bring parents on stage who have children that have trouble listening and they sing the chorus with me to their kids… “Listen to me when I’m talking to you!  That mean you hear what I say!  That means do what you’re told to!”.  This is a powerful song that helps get your children to behave and teaches them the importance of listening to parents and teachers.


No or Yes? - A game that teaches proper conduct where children have to answer no or yes after the statements that I say.


I love to have fun and play game so I decided to make a few songs that are games.  While I rap this song students shout out no or yes after the statements I say.  This song helps them make positive choices and gets them thinking about what is right and wrong behavior in a very fun way.


What is it? - A game that children have to guess what I’m rapping about. 


This is another song that is a game.  Children have to guess what I’m rapping about as they listen to my song.  I give them a phrase and then they hear a countdown and have to guess what I was describing.


Learn - Teaches children what they will have to learn and motivates them to get their education. 


This song teaches children that everyone has to learn.  It shows them the value of education and also inspires them to dos their best.


Teachers - A poem dedicated to all teachers. 


I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the amazing teachers who poured love and wisdom into me over the early years of my education.  I wrote this poem to be able to praise teachers while I’m performing for their students and give them the praise for the amazing work they do in shaping the minds and futures of our youth.  It’s not an easy job but it is one of the most important ones.


How to Read - A phonics type song that will help children to remember the sounds of each letter in the alphabet.  

This song takes the alphabet one step further and gets students to practice making the songs of each letter in the alphabet.  This song helps prepare get students ready to start reading by learning each sound the letters off the alphabet make.  This song is an excellent teaching tool.


Practice Math - A song that teaches the basics of addition, subtraction and multiplication.


Another excellent teaching tool the Practice Math song gets students used to adding, subtracting, and multiplying numbers.  By putting the equations into song format it helps students memorize the answers to math problems they will do all their life.


Sound Song - A fun song where children copy the sound that they hear. 


This fun song gets the audience to repeat the sounds that animals and things we use make.  Children love going on the microphone and making animal sounds.  Imagine 500 students making the sound of a kitty cat…  It’s one of my favorite crowd participation songs.


Positive Promises - Positive promises that children should make to keep them out of trouble and make them successful in life. 


As a positive role model my goal is to inspire children to make positive life choices that keep them safe and help them to be successful in life.  I ask students to keep these promises for their own good and have the entire audience repeat these promises after me so that they are speaking life over themselves.


Proper Conduct - Stresses the importance of not hitting, swearing, stealing or picking on others. 


This song was inspired by all the things I saw children doing that weren’t good behavior while I lived in the inner city of Providence.  My hope is to decrease all of the fighting, swearing, stealing and picking that happens in our communities.  If we all act right then there would be no one getting hurt and we would all be setting a positive example for the children who copy what they see us do.


Are You Good? - Asks children if they’re using good behavior and shows them why they should.


This song asks a very thought provoking question…. Are you good?  One day I was about to order some food waiting in line at a restaurant and I heard a little girl singing… Are you a good little, little girl?  Her words inspired the chorus of this song and led me to create the entire song.  I get inspiration from anywhere I go and always keep my eyes and ears open.  Thanks little girl for this powerful song!


Grow Some Hope - An inspirational song designed to get children to believe in their dreams and do their best.


One day I was teaching some of my Nonviolent Verses students how to write a song.  They were having trouble with coming up with a words and also a style to sing in.  I told them that sometimes I’ll take an old song and sing the same melody but just change the words and that helps me write if I get stuck.  I said, “Take Row, Row, Row Your Boat…. You can change it to Grow, Grow, Grow Some Hope!”.  As soon as I said those words I knew I had to write that song because we all need hope to help us go on, try our best and make our dreams come true.


Mom & Dad Love You - A song to show children how mom and dad love them. 


I wrote this song as a dedication to my son from my wife and I but I also wrote it for all the children of the world.  I know life can force parents to work long hours away from home and also that parents can be very impatient with children so I want them to never forget that mom and dad truly love them.  They are the reason (Or should be) why mom and dad work so hard and do so much for them.  We do it all because we love our kids!

Be Friends - A song to inspire children to be friends with each other.


I was asked to rap the Bullying song so much that I began to ask students why Bullying was happening so much.  After hearing all the students responses it dawned on me the the reason kids were Bullying other kids is because they were not friends.  Good friends look out for their friends.  They don’t hurt them they help them.  If all kids would become friends then Bullying would end!  So just Be Friends, Be Friends!  Buddies, Pals, Through Thick and Thin!


Safety 1st - Teaches children researched safety lessons in a fun way using positive rap.

I wrote Safety 1st to help children learn important safety lessons that can keep them from getting hurt, hurting someone else or worse.  As a parent I’ve always tried to keep my son safe. As a positive role model I don’t want anyone to get hurt especially when we live in such a dangerous World. 


Nighty Night - A lullaby intended to help children fall asleep. 


I wrote the song as a lullaby for my son and for all the children of the world.  Getting good rest is so important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Gonna Be Alright - A song designed to help get you through tough times.  


Life isn’t perfect and there will be good days and bad days.  I wrote this song this song to help listeners remember that no matter what you’re going through it’s going to be alright in the end and you will make out through.

More stories behind the songs to come.... 

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