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2019 - 2021 News

Mr. Deep Positivity is now a member of the Recording Academy!

MDP Recording Academy Pic.jpg

It's official! Mr. Deep Positivity is now a member of the Recording Academy. As a member he will be able to vote for the 2022 Grammy submissions and also be able submit his own music for a chance to win a Grammy! Dreams do come true if you work hard, never give up and strive for excellence. Keep it positive and follow your dreams!


As a member of the Recording Academy MDP plans to advocate for a brand new category, Positive Rap. His hope is to inspire other rappers to follow in his footsteps and write rap songs that uplift others and spread love! Hopefully you'll hear MDP's songs in the Children's music category in 2022.  Wish him luck!!! 

2020 Beat this Thing Video for RI Dept. of Health

In November 2020, Mr. Deep Positivity partnered with Bethel Ame Church Providence to create the Covid 19 Beat This Thing Video for the RI Department of Health. This video features researched information that MDP turned into a powerful, educational song with the help of George Jones of Bethel Ame Church. The purpose of the video is to inspire youth and adults to use the researched information to stop the spread of Covid 19. See video below...

2020 Pandemic stops all live performances for MDP

Due to the global pandemic all of Mr. Deep Positivity's live performances from March 2020 - April 2021 were suspended! Safety is always 1st with MDP so no shows until the pandemic restrictions are lifted. Don't worry he'll be back soon!

2018-2019 School Year and Tour Season was amazing for Mr. Deep Positivity

Mr. Deep Positivity has just completed another busy school year of concerts performing for thousands of students, teachers and parents.  Most of these performances were sponsored by Providence Promise and RISCA and were part of his Follow Your Dreams tour!  





During the year he also taught after school programming to over 100 students in 6 different schools. These schools include:  Central Falls high school, Times 2 Academy, Fallon Memorial, Cunningham, Curvin McCabe and Barrington Christian Academy.  These students created 3 TV shows, 7 new music videos, 1 whole book of illustrations for MDPs song book, 10 original positive songs and even created their own games with MDP!

Pleasant View FYD pic.jpg

Mr. Deep Positivity's Follow Your Dreams tour made national News!

The Follow Your Dreams Tour was featured in Forbes Magazine Online and had nearly 200,000 views! 

This tour has been a dream come true for MDP with over 20,000 students reached! The goal is to make higher education a reality for all students so their dreams can come true!


Click this link to read the full article...

Mr. Deep Positivity will soon be taking Family Fun Night Events to another level with his life-sized board game!

TOday's news...

Mr. Deep Positivity will soon be hosting Life-sized board game events for youth and adults.  Families will compete for prizes, roll a huge die and be life-sized game pieces running around MDP's new game called, "Guess again!"  It's gonna be a blast!
Here's a sneak peek of the 1st prototype of the game...

Check out Mr. Deep Positivity's new logo and new music video for his theme song!

Mr Deep 3 Color Logo Final.png

Keep checking back for more news from MDP!

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