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     Mr. Deep Positivity (MDP), James McBride, is known as the Healthy Ambassador of Providence and the positive rap educator.  He is an award winning local celebrity who is a professional positive rapper, producer, TV show host, published author and certified instructor.  MDP has written and recorded over 1000 positive, powerful songs and released a fun educational series of 7 Lessons for Life CDs.  He has also written 7 books, 3 powerful curriculums and has 2 award winning TV shows.  His mission is to use the lessons he learned on the streets and in school and combine them with his unique rhyming styles to influence youth to be safe, healthy, smart and follow their dreams.

     A seasoned veteran, Mr. Deep Positivity has been rapping for over 27 years and is currently celebrating his 20th year as MDP.  His career took off when he volunteered to become a Big Brother to a fatherless boy in 2002.  In his interview with the former RI executive director, Val Sinesi, MDP was asked to write a song for Big Brothers of RI (BBRI).  He wrote, recorded and returned the song titled, The Big Brother Song the next day and they loved it.  He was asked to perform the song at a press conference with former Congressmen Patrick Kennedy and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and has been on tour with BBRI ever since.

     MDP is a teacher on the microphone who is a cross between Will Smith and Hip Hop Harry.  His catchy lines and cool beats have youth singing in the hallways of their school and remembering the important messages he shares.  His performances are fun, interactive and tailored to meet the expectations of the school or organization he is presenting to.  Youth participate by singing along, dancing with MDP, asking and answering questions and coming on stage with MDP as his backup singers and dancers.  

     MDP has also taught hundreds of students how to create their own positive songs creating over 100 positive songs with his students in his Nonviolent Verses class.  One of his classes won 2nd place in the Earthday Contest in 2010 and performed their winning song titled, Save the World at the National Mall in Washington DC and on the Rhode Show in RI.  MDP also instructed hundreds of students with his powerful Deep Lessons for Life Curriculums to avoid juvenile delinquency and truancy so they can be successful in life.  His students in several classes took over his TV show and taught back the lessons they learned on statewide TV becoming role models for their peers across RI.  One group of students earned MDP a PEG TV Award for Best Collaboration with a school in 2012. MDP's TV show also earned him PEG TV awards for Best Educational Program and Best Children's Program.   

    Mr. Deep Positivity is a positive role model who has performed for thousands of youth and has a proven track record of success.  He received the Big Brother Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 but one of his biggest accomplishments was receiving a grant from the City of Providence’s Healthy Communities Office in 2014.  This grant allowed him to perform at every school in Providence from K-12th grade for 18 months as the Healthy Ambassador.  MDP reached over 18,000 students and gave away over 500 sponsored CDs that the students earned for participating in his positivity contest during that time.  

     In 2017 MDP became the Ambassador for Providence Promise and conducted a, Follow your Dreams Tour of Providence Schools.  This tour inspired over 8,000 youth to stay in school and follow their dreams but it also helped those who signed up be able to save for and pay for higher education thanks to Providence Promise.         

     MDP is currently striving to become the first person nominated as the National Ambassador of Goodwill to the US and is looking to raise $1,100,000 to reach and teach 1,000,000 youth Nationwide and create Deep Positivity Training Centers across the country.  He is currently touring schools, and community events throughout the US and is seeking to inspire an army of positive youth and adults to follow in his footsteps. 

Mr. Deep Positivity 

A Positive Role Model For All To Follow!

Over 1000

Positive Songs

Life Lessons CDs

Over 100,000

Students  Reached

One Hundred + 



3 Powerful 


7 Powerful


Rapping for

27 Years





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